Intelligent digital solutions for financial services firms

Art of insight

Irada was founded to assist financial services firms make better use of data and apply advanced analytics and artificial intelligence for managing broker partnerships, streamlining lending processes, improving credit risk outcomes, and enhancing customer centricity.

Its solutions are backed by industry experience and a team of actuaries, data scientists, and technologists..

Irada takes advantage of the innovation inherent in the Financial Services Cloud from Salesforce – the world’s #1 customer relationship management platform – for its broker partnership and mortgage lending solutions. It uses pre-built models, sophisticated analytical tools, accelerators, and tested processes to deliver quick results when modelling credit impairment, building credit scorecards, and deepening customer insights. In situations where a pre-built model just won’t do, the Irada team will rise to the challenge to build you one.

With Irada’s expertise in project delivery for financial services firms, you can be sure you’re in safe hands to broaden your digital footprint.

Ready to make a start?

Whether you’re in the planning stage of your digital evolution or ready to embrace advanced analytics and AI tools, Irada is your long-term partner from strategy and design to execution and support.

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Our process

We understand that digital transformation requires much more than just the right technology. It requires understanding data deeply and applying it to your business context. Taking a collaborative approach at every stage, we partner with you to assess your business needs, recommend a technology solution, plan the project, deploy the technology, and optimise continuously. Of course, everything we do always keeps you in control and well informed..

AccessOptimisingWe develop a sharedunderstanding about whereyou are and where youwant to beTrack, measure, report, and course-correctCollaboratingBe there, listen, and respond throughout your changeand adoption journeyOpportunityWe craft the case forchange to help you focuson what is important andcrystallise your businessopportunityPlanWe produce an executionblueprint with controls forsuccess that bringseveryone along for thejourneyDeliverWe take away the hassle tobuild, optimise, andhandover the solution thatgets you to market quicklyOperateWe monitor, tune, and keepthe solution in productionhumming along nicely
Led by industry experts

Irada comprises a seasoned team of professionals with deep experience with banks and major financial service institutions in Australia and overseas.

Sanjiv Singh
Founder & Managing Director

Sanjiv established Irada in Australia as a digital technology company for the intelligent and structured application of data in financial services firms. He collaborates with clients to achieve business growth, deepen customer relationships, and improve productivity. His international IT experience of 30 years spans the banking and financial services, manufacturing, and media and advertising sectors. He holds an MBA and a Master of Technology in IT.

Pravin Burra
Chief Data Scientist

Pravin is a data scientist and bank analytics subject matter expert with expertise in both credit risk modelling and customer analytics. Pravin works with clients to extract greater value from their data to improve the quality of business decisions. An ex-partner at one of the big-4 audit firms, Pravin also helps clients achieve regulatory compliance in domains such as IFRS 9 credit risk modelling and Basel capital modelling. His experience of 30 years spans the financial services sector, that includes banks and insurers, where he has consistently applied his expertise in model build, validation, and risk management. He holds FIA, FASSA, CERA and FRM qualifications.